Kitten ‘dumped from moving car’

The kitten is currently receiving treatment.
The kitten is currently receiving treatment.

A young kitten is currently receiving treatment at a local veterinary practice after being thrown from a moving car.

The animal was dumped from the vehicle on the Shanes Hill Road, outside Larne, yesterday afternoon, according to a passing motorist.

The kitten was rescued by the woman, who works at Clare Vet Group practice in Ballyclare, where she took it for treatment.

Veterinary nurse, Lauren Bleakly contacted the Times to highlight the issue.

Lauren said: “The kitten is around 10-weeks old. When it was brought to us by our receptionist, Lauren, it was severely dehydrated and had cuts and grazes.

“He was placed on a drip and is doing a lot better today. He is still slightly sore from the impact with the road, but this is being managed with pain relief.

“It was a traumatic afternoon for Lauren and her six-year-old daughter who were absolutely distraught after witnessing the kitten being thrown out of the vehicle in front of them.

“Lauren said she had to swerve to avoid running the wee kitten over and she immediately stopped and turned the car around to scoop the baby kitten off the road.”

The police, the veterinary nurse explained, were not notified about the incident because no details about the car involved were recorded.

On a happier note, she added: “Lauren’s young daughter has become fond of the kitten and they will be re-homing him when he makes a full recovery.”

Commenting on the episode, DUP representative, Ald Pamela Barr said: “This is utterly deplorable!! Some people make me sick. I hope the wee pet pulls through.”

An animal welfare campaigner from Newtownabbey has called on similar incidents to be reported.

They said: “It’s very disturbing that a so called human being would think it was acceptable to take a defenceless little kitten and throw it out of a car.

“Someone must know who this person or people are. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, they must report it to animal welfare through their local council.

“The number for this local area is ‭0300 124 5000‬ option 5. Your call will be taken in total confidence.”

They added: “If someone can do this once, it may happen again with no one around to help the animal.

“Thank goodness the little kitten is in the best hands now and will have the best care possible. Animal rescuers can only do so much, so it is vital such people are reported.”