David Jeffrey says part-time clubs have to find a way to compete

David Jeffrey says the part-time clubs in the Irish League have to find a way to compete with their full-time counterparts.

Saturday, 23rd October 2021, 11:00 am

The Sky Blues were given a tough evening by neighbours Larne in the County Antrim Shield in midweek losing 4-0.

Jeffrey admitted the better team won on the night, but added teams have to find a way to compete.

“Anyone who thinks that it is a myth about the difference between full-time and part-time teams they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Ballymena United boss David Jeffrey

“I have said from the get-go the other clubs, those of us who are essentially part-time, have to try and close the gap.

“Sometimes though you have to hold your hands up and say you were beaten by the better side.

“Our players were out on their feet but they didn’t capitulate, they kept going and you have to give them credit.

“It’s up to us to try and close the gap, this was a good lesson for us.”

It’s part-time opposition today for Ballymena but the task doesn’t get any easier as they face league leaders Cliftonville.

“I’ve watched them a couple of times and they have been very impressive.

“Paddy has put together a really good team. Again well organised, they pass the ball about quickly.

“They beat Larne last Saturday so we know it’s going to be tough.”